The writing section in this exam has two parts.  


Task 1 -  is a general summary of either a chart, graph, table, map or process.  You will need to write around 150 words. We will focus on how to summarize correctly, write in simple and complex sentences, using the correct grammar, comparing data, and meeting the required word count.  


Task 2 - is a discursive essay of around 250 words. You will need to respond to a problem, issue or opinion.  We will help you how to respond in the correct manner, find a solution, evaluate a problem, compare and contrast or challenge an idea.  Each task you do will be corrected using the IELTS Examiners band descriptors, giving you an accurate IELTS score, to monitor your progress.  Help, guidance and homework tasks will be given to you on how you can improve your current score.

Option 1

Writing parts 1 and 2: 

6 sessions = £170

/ 1500 RMB

To discuss with an IELTS expert the option that will be best for you.

Option 2

Writing parts 1 and 2:  12 sessions = £275

/ 2500 RMB