Had it not been for Mr. Niels Hamilton's dedication and expertise of the art of teaching, I would've never mastered the English language the way I do today. It has had a tangible impact on my career as it allowed me to pass my EALTS 'English For Aviation' test with the highest possible score of 6, which is not often given to those who learned English as a second language. This not only improves my resume by a substantial margin, it is an indicator of both the quality of my education and my willingness to master any skill, which was undoubtedly influenced by my time spent in Mr. Niels' English class. Also, I will never forget the school plays he conducted, of which I participated in and have many fond memories of. Much regards, Andrey Areiza Alzate, CFI/CFII/MEI Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology; Associate's degree in Aeronautical Science.

Mr. Niels was not only the best English teacher I could have asked for, but also the best play director and mentor! He was able to understand what part students are strong at, and help cater to those by giving them more opportunities to showcase those skills. This in turn helped me, and my classmates succeed in not only his class and school in general, but left us with a strong sense of confidence, which was unlike anything the school offered. He did of-course along with that, give us opportunities to step outside our comfort zone and try out things we were sceptical or not too confident about - which is essential to real-life when you often find things not going according to plan and need to jump into unfamiliar waters to find your way out. As I carry on in my career as a Mechanical Engineer (graduate from University of Waterloo in Canada), in technology, consumer goods and lead into entrepreneurship, confidence has played a vital role, and till this day I reminisce the days of us preparing for the school play, and how shy I had walked into the role, and how much I had gained through the rehearsals and performance. Thank you Mr. Niels for all your guidance, support, education and training for without it, I may not have gained those timeless skills and values, and may not have been as happy and successful as I am today. Samarth Kochhar 

As my high school English teacher, Niels Hamilton’s clear passion for the subject, as well as his fantastic command over the technical aspects of the language, meant that he introduced me to a wide variety of literature and ways of speaking and thinking about English. He showed me how I could use my passion for the subject to better understand myself and forge a related career. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in English Literature, something which I doubt would have happened without his guidance and support. Currently pursuing a Master of the Arts degree in English Literature at the University of Chicago. Ritvik Sanha.

"Very few teachers have the ability to correct and carve the way you think. Being taught by Mr. Niels made me realize the difference when a teacher cares." Muhummad Junaid Halepota, Electrical Engineer graduate from Abu Dhabi University.  Now working for Algorythma. 

"Niels's way of teaching was amazing, he always prefers to having conversation with his students rather than just let them sitting down and doing the practice. He emphasized the importance of thinking. In fact, he did the right thing, because when I was taking IELTS, I found that logical thinking often makes your vocabulary and pronunciation more important. This method was quite good for at the time since I rarely spoke out. Thanks for him, I finally I got IELTS score of 7.5 and admitted to my ideal university--Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and studying Global China Study right now." He Ziyi

"Mr. Hamilton leaves an impression and that is not only because of his welcoming personality or attentives to his students as a teacher; it is because he is passionate about the topic he is sharing & he cares about his students, that leaves a lasting & truly inspiring mark. He helped me come out of my shell through class presentations, drama performance (Macbeth) & group debates. His class played a significant role in enhancing my communication skills."  Kidist Kebede Bachelor of Commerce Class of 2016 Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS, Canada